Tom Brady and LeBron James Invest in the Pickleball Boom: Why This Trendy Sport is Taking Over America

Behind projects like these there are investors like Tom Brady or LeBron James. There is also a much more playful and entertaining approach.

Pickleball exploded after the pandemic. It’s fashionable. Shares elements of tennis, paddle tennis, badminton and table tennis. 36 million people play it in North America.

There are no age, gender or physical condition limitations. John McEnroe, María Sharapova, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf promote it in the United States.

The Miami Open will organize a tournament linked to its Masters 1000. Created in 1965, it was not until the pandemic that it exploded, because it is easy to learn and practice, in addition to not having age, gender or physical condition limitations.

They are the great strengths that explain the immense growth of this sport on American soil. This is why few sports disciplines can boast such good health in such a short time.
Being so easy to practice means that pickleball has the widest age range among its practitioners, with averages between 18 and 34 years old.

The construction of courts does not stop, today there are more than 10,000 physical places in which to play a game of ‘pickleball’, and most importantly, a market size of almost 153 million dollars.

The process of setting up a track is quick, cheap and effective. It takes up almost no space, does not require major works or assembly, and can be played outdoors or indoors. A round business with a thousand different skins.

The profitability of this sport is absolute whatever the formula that occurs to the investor, from focusing on the most purely sporting side, whether as entertainment or even competition, to mixing the ‘pickleball’ concept with other more traditional ones such as catering. or entertainment.

In this way, we find different lines of business with the excuse of grabbing a shovel with friends, to play.

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