Tigre beat Chacarita and the match was suspended due to the attack on a player

Photo: Raúl Ferrari
Tigre beat Chacarita 1-0, for the 32nd round. of the Argentine Cup final, when a bottle crashed from the stalls with partiality from Matador fans hit Fernando Brandán in the head.
At 50 minutes, after Tigre’s goal, Ariel Penel showed the second warning and the red card to captain Agustín Cardozo.

Cardozo rebuked the referee for the expulsion, while from the stalls on Tigre’s side two bottles flew and one, full of water, hit Brandán in the face.

From there, between the attention of the “Funebrero” team doctor on the player and a talk between the match judge and the coaches, with their captains, the match judge decided to suspend the match.
Photo: Raúl Ferrari

2024-02-21 21:55:00
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