“They want to make me gain a little stripe”: injured, Jelonch will join the staff of Stade Toulouse

“Morale is fine. » Anthony Jelonch was reassuring in the columns of The Teama month after his second rupture of the cruciate ligament, in his right knee, after that in his left knee which deprived him of preparation for the 2023 World Cup.

Injured since January 21, the international flanker from Stade Toulouse confirmed that he was ready to return to the highest level after a long absence planned until at least September. “I started rehabilitation and so I’m really in good spirits. (…) On September 8 I will be seven months old. I tell myself that it would be pretty good around mid-September, like last time,” he warns.

While waiting for the seven months that separate him from his deadline, Anthony Jelonch will try to occupy a new role within his club. “I don’t want to have a shitty year. I want to recover. And then I’m going to work with my friends at the stadium. I will perhaps join the staff of Stade Toulouse for a bit. They want to give me a little bit of prominence to analyze the matches and give feedback, he explained, still for L’Équipe. So I’ll be fine, even if it will be hard to see the others play in the finals and I won’t be there for the second time in a row. But hey I will be a coach. »

“I was told: After doing this, you will be an even better player. »

Author of only 15 matches since his first return from injury, Anthony Jelonch has left his teammates in very good form, in second place in the Top 14, but plans to find them at the best level: “I was told: After having does that (be a coach), you will be an even better player. I believe them. »

The third wing row also watched his teammates suffer at the start of the Six Nations tournament, defeated by Ireland at home (17-38), before praising the great reaction at the end of the match against Scotland (20-16). “Even if there are many who say: Yeah, it’s not playing well… OK, but it’s winning, and we want a French team that wins,” summarizes Anthony Jelonch.

He will surely also be in front of the Blues’ match against Italy on February 25 (4 p.m.).


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