“The World Cup was stolen from us,” denounces Max Guazzini


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Max Guazzini in the stands during the test match against Australia. Federico Pestellini / Federico Pestellini / Panoramic

The former president of Stade Français believes that the Blues were victims of a “refereeing failure” against South Africa in the quarter-finals of the World Cup .

Former president of Stade Français but also friend of Fabien Galthié, the coach of the XV of France, Max Guazzini gave an interview to JDD during which he discusses the elimination of the Blues in World Cup quarter-finals against South Africa. An unfair setback, according to him, due to flagrant refereeing errors.

“For four years, we prepared to be world champions. And there, what happened in the quarter-finals against South Africa? An arbitral failure! There were four fouls against France which were not called. I’m not saying that we had the performance of our lives but I think like many people that the World Cup was stolen from us. I spent the next day with the players and frankly, it was a very special atmosphere. In the evening, I had dinner with Fabien and other people from the staff. It was still a terrible disappointment.”

Galthié, a great professional who has empathy

The former lawyer and director of NRJ radio also talks about his friendship with the coach of whom he paints a flattering portrait: “He is a great professional, who has a lot of empathy. People don’t know, he calls the players’ families if there are any problems. He is very human but doesn’t show it. And he’s someone who lives intensely what he does.”


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