The Unbreakable Chemistry Between Robert Lewandowski and Ilkay Gundogan

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Since Robert Lewandowski and Ilkay Gundogan They met in Dortmund in 2011, their relationship has not stopped growing. On and off the field of play. In 2014 the first and two years later the next, both changed clubs to continue achieving professional goals. Nine years after separating, Barcelona and Barça have brought them together again. And the chemistry they maintain provides an extra intangible to the Barça team.

In Balaídos, when the referee declared the penalty spot, everyone was clear. Robert Lewandowski had to launch it. Because He is number one on the coaching staff list and because today he is still the striker with the most cachet in the squad. But after making a mistake in the first instance, the story could have been different.

Gündoganwho was fresh having been a substitute, has gallons too much to take on the responsibility in critical moments. In fact, He already did it in Las Palmas with another penalty in added time. That night, Lewandowski had been substituted, so there was no possible dilemma.

Ilkay avoided offering himself despite having the stripes for it

This Saturday, Ilkay acted as a good companion and friend during the seconds that elapsed between the first penalty and the second. The Teuton could have suggested to Robert that he let him carry out the second maximum penalty. Because he feels comfortable from 11 meters, so as not to overload the Pole with pressure or simply to rotate the thrower. On many teams, when the first pick fails, the turn moves.

Perfect connoisseur of the character and personality of ‘Lewy’, the former Manchester City player It was removed from the scene so as not to raise any doubt. nor pressure your partner. Robert took the leather again and, without hesitation, opened an angle to beat Guaita and give Barça the three points. Since he wears the Barcelona jersey, The Pole has shown that from the fatal point he resists pressure well in key moments. He scored at Old Trafford last year and this year he did the same in Pamplona in the 85th minute and against Alavés in Montjuïc in the 78th minute. In both cases, with a tie on the scoreboard.

Chemistry on and off the grass

It must be remembered that both footballers speak the same language, both on the pitch and off it. On the green, There are now three assists that Gündogan has given Robert so far in 2024. On a personal level, both communicate in German and it is common to see them together with their respective partners. In fact, a conversation between the two was one of the keys for Ilkay to change Manchester for Barcelona in the summer.

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