The twentieth edition of ‘BeachPolo’ Sant Josep will feature 12 international clubs

The twentieth edition of ‘BeachPolo’ Sant Josep will feature 12 international clubs

The twentieth edition of BeachPolo Sant Josep, the water polo tournament on the beach organized by the Sant Josep City Council, has already started. Registration for the tournament that will be held on the weekend of July 6 and 7 on the beach of Port des Torrent opened on February 1. Due to the high demand for applications to participate in the competition, the tournament organization was forced to hold a draw among all the clubs interested in playing water polo in a setting other than the usual swimming pools.

The draw generated a very varied participation, with women’s, men’s and mixed clubs from Italy, Great Britain and Spain. They all compete against each other in the different groups of the tournament bracket. Most of the teams have a female presence and many of them take advantage of the Ibizan event to put an end to their seasons.

The teams that have obtained a place in this edition are the following:

– Polytechnic University of Valencia 2004. This team is made up of the players who participated in the first edition of the Josepí tournament, who have come together again to participate in this summer’s edition.

– Otarrainxka Water Polo Club. Valencian team with various participations in the tournament.

– London Poly Porks. Club that plays in the English first division and that after several years trying to participate in ‘BeachPolo’, has finally gotten a place.

– Igualada Swimming Club. The Catalan club’s players return to the competition after years of absence.

– Valdepeñas Water Polo Club. The La Mancha club repeats participation after debuting in the 2023 edition.

– Royal Canoe Master. Team formed by veterans of the historic Madrid club.

– TM PN Moie. The Italian squad debuts at BeachPolo.

– Club Natació Terrassa Master. Mixed team made up largely of master category players.

– CW The Olive/Manicos. Zaragozan team that will participate for the first time in the Ibicenca appointment.

– L’Hospitalet Swimming Club. Old acquaintances of the tournament with 9 victories in the championship.

– San José Swimming Club. Host team that also collaborates with the Sports Department of the Sant Josep City Council in the organization of the event.

– Rubí/Moonteam Swimming Club. Team that will defend the throne achieved in the 2023 edition.

To make this summer’s edition more attractive, the Josep City Council is working on organizing different parallel activities to celebrate this anniversary.

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