The Return of ‘The Slam’: Nadal vs Alcaraz Exhibition Match to be Broadcast Live on Netflix Worldwide

Netflix has been able to take advantage of the exhibition match that could not be played in 2023 to bring it back in 2024 under almost the same conditions, but with something very new: its live broadcast worldwide through its payment platform. The confrontation between Carlos Alcaraz and Rafa Nadal will take place next Sunday, March 3, but the story goes back a long way.

On March 5, 2023, two of the greats of Spanish tennis were planned to face each other. Alcaraz and Nadal had an appointment in Las Vegas to play an exhibition match in which they would enjoy and make the spectators and sports lovers enjoy themselves. But things went wrong, never better said. Nadal suffered an injury

Rafa Nadal’s injury prevented the celebration of ‘The Slam’. The Spaniard suffered a grade 2 injury to the iliac psoas in his left leg that ended in surgery, precisely areas in which he suffered discomfort upon his return to the courts in 2024. The Murcian did not have better luck. He was injured in the ATP final in Rio de Janeiro and due to the recovery dates he could not be prepared for the event either.

Thus, this March 3 they have brought the event back to the calendars, but this time with the help of Netflix. It will be the fourth time that Alcaraz and Nadal face each other. The first time they met to compete was on Spanish soil in 2021. The capital celebrated the duel between nationals at home, as the event took place at the ATP 1,000 in Madrid. Nadal beat Alcaraz by two sets in the year of the young star’s explosion.

The second meeting took place in the 2022 Indian Wells tournament. The Spaniards reached the semifinals, where they had to face each other again. Nadal won again but this time with less ease than in the first match between the two: 4-6, 6-4, 3-6. It was the first semifinal between Spaniards in the 46-year history of the Masters 1,000.

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The third and last meeting between the two in a competition was also in 2022. And this time there were changes. The duel between seniority and youth leaned towards the new generation of tennis. Carlos Alcaraz won the 1,000th Masters match in Madrid, a match that the Spaniards repeated again in the capital. The first was for Alcaraz with a 6-2, the second was for Nadal with a 1-6 and, the last, for Alcaraz with a 6-3.

The next duel between the titans of Spanish and world tennis will once again put two players of the stature of Nadal and Alcaraz on the ropes, which will be a joy not only for the spectators, but also for the competitors themselves. It will be seen if Nadal is able to return to the courts after his injury in good shape and win for the third time against his compatriot; or if, for his part, Alcaraz does it and shows once again that youth is going strong.

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