The reasons why Pau Cubarsí marvels at Xavi

Xavi has been enjoying watching for weeks the irruption of the Estanyol central Pau Cubarsi. Even before the first sessions under his command, the coach had already been told wonderful things about the centre. Pau, for a long time, has stood out in the Blaugrana quarry.

In his name he has been accompanied by one very demanding label: the best La Masia central project of recent years. This is why it doesn’t take long for names such as Puyol or Piqué to appear in conversation.

Since he made his debut with the first team, the most striking thing has been above all his clairvoyance to remove the ball. In games as complicated as San Mamés, Cubarsí played as a central player, but he played almost as a midfielder, seeing the game head on, dividing and filtering passes with great sense. But, after the day against Osasuna, where he started again, Xavi wanted to highlight another aspect of his game.

“He gives us a lot of things, starting the ball, aggressiveness, he defends well. Everyone points out that he is very good at the ball, which he is, but he doesn’t lose a duel. And it’s not two meters: it’s one subject of attitude and personality. He plays with a determination that is a wonder”, pointed out the coach.

The data also underscore the defensive level of the central: Cubarsí has ​​only been traded once in the last five games. with only 17 years old he has been able to take advantage of the opportunities and already competes with much more experienced footballers like Christensen.

Waiting to count again Iñigo Martinez i Marcos AlonsoCubarsí continues adding minutes in the elite in what only seems to be the beginning of a long journey in the first team.

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