The Pressure Mounts for Thomas Tuchel: Is He on the Verge of Losing His Job at Bayern?

What triggers this action in Thomas Tuchel (50)?

The day after FC Bayern’s 3-0 debacle in the Bundesliga’s top game at Bayer Leverkusen, the fans’ frustration is becoming more and more unfulfilling. This is now even visible at the club headquarters…

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On Sunday morning there was a “Tuchel out” poster on Säbener Straße next to the underground car park where the professionals park their company cars before training. On a sign to the left of the entrance, which points visitors to a public parking lot, there was a piece of paper sticking to the request for eviction.

This “Tuchel out” poster was hanging at the Bayern grounds on Säbener Strasse on Sunday morning

Photo: Dennis Brosda

Explosive: The anti-Tuchel poster, which was probably put up by an angry fan in the early hours of the morning, was already hanging long before the start of the reserve unit scheduled for 11:30 a.m., which the coach held secretly behind gray curtains and surprisingly only started at 12:02 p.m . Thomas Müller (34) and Joshua Kimmich (29) were there, among others.

Thomas Müller on Sunday on the way to Bayern’s reserve training

Photo: Dennis Brosda

Joshua Kimmich also took part in reservist training on Sunday

Photo: Dennis Brosda

Even though the poster is only the size of a DIN A4 sheet, it was probably clearly visible to both Tuchel and his stars on the way to the garage! The stewards didn’t notice the verbal attack against their coach and left it hanging for several hours.

One player didn’t notice anything at all: Leroy Sané (28) arrived at Säbener Straße four minutes after the official meeting point, an hour before the start of training, and then, as usual, rushed through the public entrance to the underground car park at the Bayern site.

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Even more important than the opinion that fans and players have of Tuchel is that of the club bosses. Immediately after the disgrace in Leverkusen, CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen (56) stood behind his coach. When asked by BILD, he said in an explosive statement: “Nothing changes at all. We knew beforehand that it would be a difficult game. We would have liked a different result. We are concentrating on the next games.”

Leverkusen in top form The goals Bayern conceded in the video

Source: Image February 10, 2024

One hundred percent conviction sounds different. According to BILD information, internal doubts about Tuchel have been growing for some time – some fans have already had enough of their coach.

One thing is clear: If the next results are not correct – starting with the first leg of the round of 16 in the Champions League next Wednesday (9 p.m.) at Lazio Rome – things will be really tight for Tuchel…

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