The Port of Algeciras reduces the supply of fresh water to ships |

The Bay of Algeciras Port Authority (Spain) has implemented restrictions on the supply of fresh water to ships arriving at its docks due to the exceptional drought and water shortage in the region. Since the beginning of January, the population has faced restrictions approved by the Drought Table, which now also affect the water supply to boats.

According to the Port Authority Instruction, the maximum volume of water allowed will vary depending on the type of ship. Those that operate on the Algeciras-Ceuta, Algeciras-Tánger Med and Tarifa-Tánger Ciudad lines, as well as on Bahia traffic, will be able to obtain up to 70 tons of water per week.

Other merchant ships that need to load fresh water, whether at berth or at anchor, may do so at each stop with a maximum of 100 tons. Only in duly justified exceptional circumstances may freshwater consumption exceeding these quantities be met, although the limits may be adjusted depending on the evolution of the drought.

The Port Authority thus extends the objective of reducing the water footprint also to ships, an objective on which it has been working for years to guarantee that consumption is strictly necessary.

To achieve this, exhaustive control of consumption has been promoted through the installation of remote management systems, early detection of possible incidents and leaks, as well as from 2021, the reduction of pressure at night by automating the regulating valve in the main water supply point to the port.

On the other hand, the Port of Ageciras continues to advance in the transformation of the regular passenger connection between Tarifa and the Moroccan city of Tangier into a green maritime line.

2024-02-27 08:35:42
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