The Playful Response of Legia Warsaw Ultras: A Humorous Twist in the Conference League

Punished for brawling, setting off fireworks in the stadium and shouting provocative messages. It is certain that the ultras of Polish club Legia Warsaw are not the most likeable guys. They do have a sense of humor. In the return match of the Conference League against Molde, their stands were closed, but they responded very playfully.

“You won this time, UEFA.”

A banner for the match between Legia Warsaw and Molde in the intermediate round of the Conference League. It seems that the ultras of the Polish club will keep quiet during the return match. They have to, because their stands were closed for misconduct.

Or not.

When the players enter the field, they roll out a giant tifo. “Surprise!”, followed by a less modest word in combination with a cool Lego man and fireworks outside the stadium.

It creates a fun image that goes viral on social media. The humor of the diehard fans is already good, will polite behavior follow soon?

2024-02-23 06:35:50
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