The Olympic Dream: A Conversation with Judoka Jaione Equisoain

The conversation with Jaione Equisoain (Pamplona, ​​1993) occurs during a brief break in his work shift at the Altsasu-Alsasua police station. The Navarrese judoka, -57 kg champion at the 2023 European Open in Madrid, A regular figure in world and continental championships, he aspires to fulfill the Olympic dream with his participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The year has not started on the right foot: In the Portuguese Grand Prix at the end of January, the first qualifying event for the Olympic Games, he succumbed in the opening fight. But she is not discouraged. It’s not her style. Equisoain defines himself as an optimistic person. “If you ask most people, they will tell you that I am almost always smiling and that I see things in a positive way,” he says.

Jaione Equisoain, judoka. Oscar Montero

At the end of last year, uploaded a black white photo to his Instagram account. She appears with his inseparable judogi, with her arms on her hips, her eyes closed, and a smile appears on his face. On the black belt tied at the waist you can read: ‘gudari’. “It’s by Asier Murillo, who took the photo of me,” says Equisoain. Con the young promising judoka, bronze medal in the Spanish championship in less than 60 kilos held last December at the Navarra Arena, they are united by an excellent friendship. Both train at the Larrabide Sports Technique Center, in Pamplona.

“He’s like my little brother,” says Equisoain. “We are 10 years apart and we have a very nice relationship in which we help each other. I know his family, we meet and talk outside the tatami as well,” he adds.

Jaione Equisoain posing Oscar Montero

Mainly He has a core of judoka friends. Is that because you are more in tune with each other? “We are a bit of warriors and we spend a lot of time together. Just someone who is involved in this and lives it From the inside you can understand 100% everything it entails,” he explains. In his case he has no qualms in acknowledging that is a “geek of judo. “It blows my mind,” she says.

Psychological aspect

Warns that you have to interrupt the conversation for a few minutes. Duty calls him and shortly after he picks up the thread. Equisoain took the Basic Police Course at the Navarra School of Security and Emergencies (ESEN) during the pandemic. Before the break due to the coronavirus crisis, he had taught judo classes and went during confinement when he put himself in depth with the preparation of the competitive examination. “It was the moment. I had always had it in mind to take an exam, but I hesitated between applying to be a firefighter or a police officer,” he recalls.. The bet went well.

Jaione Equisoain, judoka. Oscar Montero

It has been a year since he joined as an agent and provides his services at the Altsasu police station office, where he combines his work with sports without major complications. She does not complain about her double life as an elite athlete-civil servant. He handles it wonderfully. He slips one advantage of his position: he doesn’t have to work night shifts.

His next destination is the Judo Grand Slam in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Together with his coach since 2015, Yolanda Soler, he pays a lot of attention to psychological preparation. “It is super important, because when At one level the greatest differences occur in the mental aspect”, he emphasizes. Lately they are polishing the level of concentration, and mentions the importance of self-dialogue or internal monologue to improve your results. “You have to think about what what has been done well and what has come out betterl so as not to repeat the same mistakes,” he says.

Destination: Paris

Limited places. On June 24, the ranking closes and it will be known if he finally gets a ticket for the Olympic Games. For it It should be among the 18-20 best in the worldto which we must add a European quota.

Realistic goal. Although he is currently outside the top twenty positions, he believes that a comeback is possible. And if he doesn’t make it, he makes a promise: “I will have done everything in my power to try to qualify and not leave anything behind.”

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