The Oldest Stadiums Still Standing in Major League Baseball

The MLB has millions of fans in the United States, who eagerly wait for their favorite teams’ games to buy their tickets, go to the stadiums and enjoy a pleasant moment.

Making these spaces become a reality involves a very high physical and monetary effort, and in general there are several investors who want to be part of it, and therefore receive high remuneration for the events that take place there.

Of course, these spaces must comply with specific rules to be on par with the Major Leagues, and they are all constantly monitored. In fact, it is often necessary to remodel infrastructure, with the aim of making them consistent with each era.

Below are the oldest stadiums in Major League Baseball that are still in operation today:

Positioned as the oldest, this space had its first game on April 20, 1912 and has a capacity to accommodate 37,755 people. The property belongs to the Fenway Sports Group, which carried out several modifications over the years, in order to modernize it, although today it is the second smallest stadium in the MLB, in relation to its total fan capacity.

Opened on April 23, 1914, it is popularly known for having brick walls covered in ivy. It has a capacity of 41,649 people and natural grass on its field. Until 1920 its name was Weeghman Park and then it changed to Cubs Park, until 1926 when it received its current name.

Located near the well-known Elysian Park, this place was inaugurated on April 10, 1962, after the architect Emil Praeger finished the work, which was achieved with 100% state investment. It is the place with the largest capacity (56,000 spectators), and while it was being built, the Dodgers played at the Memorial Coliseum

It opened on April 19, 1966, and in addition to being the home of the MLB team, it housed the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL from 1980 to 1994. Construction took two years and in 1996 there was a significant change, as the The Disney company took over the place and made renovations to make it a space where only baseball was played.

It opened to the public on September 18, 1966. It has a capacity of 63,000 people and involved an initial investment of $25,500,000, although renovations were carried out on several occasions, the last being in 2017. Its surface is grass, which It also allows it to be the scene of soccer games, as happened with MLS teams.

It accommodates 37,903 people and opened on April 10, 1973, under the ownership of the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority. It is popularly known as “The K” and from its beginnings it was intended to host baseball games, despite the fact that at the time it was built it was common to make multipurpose spaces. Today it is the only stadium named after a person (Ewing Kauffman, former MLB owner).

This multipurpose stadium has a height of 86 meters and was opened to the public on June 5, 1989. It has capacity for 49,282 spectators and throughout its history it was the scene of NBA games, conventions and concerts, among other events. It was the first to have a retractable roof and a hotel with 348 rooms, several of which have a direct view of the playing field.

It opened to the public on April 18, 1991, after the team had played its games at Comiskey Park for 81 years. The investment to build it was 167 million dollars and it has appeared in Hollywood films such as Little Big League, Rookie of the Year, Major League II, Only the Lonely and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

On April 6, 1992, the doors of this place were opened to the public and the debut game was between the Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians. It has a capacity for 45,971 people and its construction was the idea of ​​the HOK Sport company, in addition to serving as an inspiration for other stadiums to be built in the United States.

After an investment of 175 million dollars, it opened its doors on April 4, 1994. Among its historical data, it is reflected that it established the record for most consecutive games with all seats sold for a Major League Baseball stadium, in addition to that in 2008 Sports Illustrated magazine did a survey that gave it as the best stadium.

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