The Mystery of Teddy Riner’s Absence: What Really Happened on February 4, 2024?

A two-part affair. Sunday February 4, 2024, Laurent Delahousse invited the fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, the singer Santa from the group Hyphen Hyphen and the judo champion Teddy Riner on the set of his show 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. But the latter never showed up on the France 2 set. Throughout the program, his seat remained empty. “We are still waiting for Teddy Riner, who must come, who is on a motorcycle, who is in Paris, who is perhaps blocked,” explained Laurent Delahousse to viewers. Confident, the host even asked for the portrait of the athlete to be broadcast, before returning to his expectations. “So, Teddy Riner, we will perhaps find him on social networks because he is still on the way, next week, we will see”, concluded Laurent Delahousse at the end of the program broadcast on France 2. In a fleeting story on Instagram, the judoka apologized for his absence, but promised to be present “without fail” during the filming of the following week’s program.

But what happened to Teddy Riner this Sunday February 4, 2024? Was it really the traffic jams in the capital that prevented him from arriving on time on the France 2 set to sit alongside Laurent Delahousse’s other guests? That day, the champion had just won the Paris Grand Slam for the eighth time, one of the biggest judo tournaments in the world. Following the competition, he had an appointment in the (…)

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