The MR presents its Liège candidates for the Chamber and the Region

In the Region, first, Diana Nikolic, Walloon MP since 2018, will lead the list. She will be followed by Philippe Dodrimont, originally from Aywaille and also a Walloon MP. Several mayors will push the list, such as Virginie Defrang-Firket, mayor of Neupré, and Arnaud Dewez, mayor of Dalhem.

The fifth effective substitute will be Charlotte Depierreux, well known to Liégeois for having actively helped families affected by the floods of July 2021. Her restaurant, Côté Cour Côté Jardin, was “saved from bankruptcy in March 2023 thanks to thousands of donors” . Then, Audun Brouns is added to the list. He is an alderman in Bassenge, president of the Jeunes MR of the Province of Liège and chief of staff of the alderman for the environment in the City of Liège, Gilles Foret.

Finally, Sandra Belhocine, alderwoman in Grâce-Hollogne and manager at Forem, Célestin Mputu Boongo, lawyer from Saint-Nicolas, Stéphanie Monfort, municipal councilor in Flémalle, Jérôme Cochart, municipal councilor in Blegny and head of the list of the new citizen movement “Blegny Plus”, Sarah Sciarrabba, aspiring social worker and Alain Collienne, farmer and milk producer in Sprimont will close the regional list, followed by a final personality still kept secret.

The Liège candidates from the regional list MR. ©DR

Among the substitutes, we find in particular Viviane Dessart, mayor of Visé and “the most experienced of all”. Also note Laura Iker, mayor of Esneux and Jean Winand, professor at the University of Liège and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.

Other personalities, particularly from the world of entrepreneurship, will get involved in the electoral adventure. “We didn’t wait for farmers to block the roads to worry about them,” declares Diana Nikolic, who is delighted to lead an “enthusiastic list ready to straighten out Wallonia”. “Our goal is to increase our role within regional policy, particularly in terms of employment, training and mobility,” she adds. Because we have all seen the state of the city of Liège, in particular, with the current ministers in charge.”

And at the federal level?

It is Pierre-Yves Jeholet who will lead the list with the main project of “valuing work rather than inactivity”. Thus, Catherine Delcourt, district commissioner for the province of Liège, Philippe Goffin, mayor of Crisnée, Gilles Foret, Julien Woolf, alderman for Sports of the City of Visé, Yasline Bonaventure, professional tennis player, Martin Jamar, first alderman in Hannut, Cécile Deltour, architect, Aline Depas, young farmer, Nicolas Reynders, spokesperson for Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Katty Firquet, provincial deputy and Daniel Bacquelaine, mayor of Chaudfontaine, will support the minister-president of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation .

We find, in 5th and 12th places, two young women: Maëlle Locht, president of the German-speaking Young Liberals, and Gayané Bertrand, 18 years old, political science student and originally from Sprimont.

The Liège MR candidates for the federal list. ©DR

As for the substitutes, it is Mathieu Bihet who will guide the troops. He is first alderman in the Municipality of Neupré. The alderwoman of Jalhay, Victoria Vandeberg, will follow suit, followed by Luc Delvaux, veterinarian and mayor of Sprimont, Julie Schrouben, merchant and municipal councilor in Verviers, Philippe Dubois, mayor of Clavier, Marie Charlier, business manager and teacher, Thomas Cialone, provincial councilor of Liège and, finally, Christine Defraigne, first alderman in the City of Liège.


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