The Most Valuable Sports Franchises of 2023: Beyond the Football Field

Outside of Football

The list reveals the hundred franchises with the highest value and income worldwide during 2023.

Tom Brady, NFL player
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February 22, 2024, 07:34 a.m. m.

In the world there are dozens of sports franchises that, season after season, seek to be crowned champions of different tournaments.

In the National Football League (NFL), the teams not only want to reach the Super Bowl, but also leave their name recorded in history, the same thing happens in the NBA, where the franchises want to showcase their best talent to achieve the title. long-awaited title.

Year after year, these teams receive millions of dollars in revenue, however, data from Sportico, a digital platform specialized in sports analysis, revealed that the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL are the franchise with the most value in the market, costing close to 9.2 billion dollars.


These data gather information from the last twelve months, in which this prestigious American football team recorded revenues of more than $1.05 billion.

The team founded in 1960, throughout its history, has won five Super Bowls, being the second most winning franchise in the NFL along with the San Francisco 49ers.

After Dallas, the list includes teams such as Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, New York Giants, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, thus completing the top 10 of the most valuable franchises.

Of the list of one hundred, in total there are 32 NFL teams, 30 NBA quintets, 17 from the MLB, 7 hockey teams belonging to the NHL and 3 from Formula 1.

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