The Most Effective Self-Defense Techniques: Martial Arts vs. Self-Defense Systems

Preferably a mix of both. There are 3 categories, only 2 of which are effective for self-defense.

1.) Martial Arts (Effective) – Martial arts are the winner because on the one hand it is designed to dominate/beat up your opponent and on top of that it is consistent in pressure testing (i.e. proven to work in a fight). This means that the artistic and philosophical aspect is ignored and it goes straight to the point and is put to the test in a fight (e.g. in the ring). Good examples are MMA and Muay Thai.

2.) Martial Arts (Effective) – Martial arts go deeper into the matter than martial arts, and in addition to the classic punching/kicking, it also offers artistic, or even deadly execution (doesn’t mean that martial arts are better than martial arts, but can be combined with each other ). The difference is that martial arts are designed to engage in combat and martial arts are designed to avoid combat. Good examples are Aikido, Kung Fu, etc.

3.) SV systems (NOT EFFECTIVE) – Self-defense systems are nothing other than the trainer simulating situations and imagining a counterattack to sell you on how effective it is. This also includes Krav Maga. Because the ”dangerous” Krav Maga is the MILITARY Krav Maga, which is only accessible to soldiers with a squad ID card. Civilian Krav Maga, what you find in the corner of your district, is nothing but bad MMA. Taking something from everything and making something of your own – something that unfortunately many Krav Maga practitioners don’t know or don’t want to understand. And if someone comes with ”Systema” – Systema is nothing but flexibility and fitness. So don’t let anything get messed up and do something that has been proven to work and wasn’t just thrown together in modern times, like for example. CIVIL Krav Maga, or Keysi.

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