The Importance of the Quarterback in NFL Football: A Look at the 2024 Free Agent Class

Dozens of players who have passed through the NFL, like the iconic Joe Namath, understand football as a game where everything comes down to “killing the quarterback.” Each team tries to remove the opposing player who handles the ball best from the field.

Many of the men and women who work within front offices understand football as a game where they must find the perfect quarterback.

History tells us that both reasonings are correct.

Just look at the performance crowned by Patrick Mahomes in the last Super Bowl in Las Vegas to realize that within 100 yards, there is no more important position than the quarterback.

That’s why nine of the 10 most lucrative contracts are for quarterbacks and 13 of the top 15. Patrick Mahomes leads the way with an average salary of $45 million.

Getting the most physically and mentally gifted is the desire of managers and owners.

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In the next Draft Caleb Williams of USC will most likely become the first selection, but his destiny is almost marked with the Chicago Bears dreams of the first overall pick.

When the free agency market opens in a few days, multiple organizations will pick up the phone to communicate with the representatives of the quarterbacks who are free.

According to the site specialized in sports contracts SpotracIn free agency in 2024 there will be 30 quarterbacks available, however very few have the tools to take the reins of an offense like the starter.

The 2024 free agent class contains big names.

Kirk Cousins

At 35 years old, Cousins ​​is considered by many analysts to be the highest-rated quarterback in free agency. His powerful arm and seniority could place him as a starter on several teams looking for a reliable passer. In 2023, his season ended much earlier than the rest of his Vikings teammates due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. He still threw for 2,331 yards in 521 plays. The high salary he received last year (35 million dollars) could be an obstacle for organizations looking for him.

Possible options: Commanders, Raiders, Falcons and Vikings

Baker Mayfield

After the great void left in Tampa Bay by Tom Brady’s retirement, Mayfield had a respectable season with the Buccaneers. When many considered that the 2017 Heisman winner’s best days had passed, Baker surpassed four thousand yards through the air. For the Bucs to take him back to Tampa, they will have to invest no less than 30 million annually.

Possible options: Buccaneers, Raiders and Vikings

Ryan Tannehill

For several seasons, Tannehill’s arm was considered one of the most powerful in the NFL. However, his biggest struggles since 2022 are not against rival defenses but with injuries that have prevented him from getting close to the numbers he established in 2020 and 2021, adding more than 3,500 yards in each of those two campaigns. Some teams could bet on his seniority and squeeze the last of his left cannon, yes, not for less than six million dollars per season.

Possible options: Steelers, Vikings, Patriots, Jets

Gardner Minshew

The 27-year-old sits right on the line between being an excellent backup quarterback and a regular starting quarterback. This position is not bad at all. Minshew has proven to be a team man capable of supporting the starter from the sideline and taking advantage of his opportunities on the field. Last season with the Colts he was not supposed to be a starter, but an injury to rookie Anthony Richardson put him ahead, finishing with 3,305 yards and 15 touchdown passes. Last year he earned $3.5 million, but his numbers will lead him to increase his market value.

Possible options: Colts and Raiders

Jacoby Brissett

Since arriving in the NFL in 2016, Brissett has achieved respectable marks as a backup and emergency starter. He is not the man who can lead a team to the Super Bowl, but he is the one who can serve at the back.

Possible options: Cardinals and Patriots

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Free agency begins March 11. This is the time period when teams can contact agents of available players.

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