The Historic Shift in Men’s Tennis Rankings: No Single One-Handed Backhand Player in the Top 10

Historic week for men’s tennis due to several events that could mark a turning point in the ATP ranking. In addition to Jannik Sinner’s emergence into the top-3, for the first time we have a ranking in which there is not a single tennis player with a one-handed backhand in a top-10 that has undergone substantial changes.

Nothing better than thoroughly reviewing the ranking ATP to see how what is done on the track has a resounding echo in the classification, as well as to dilute trends that can go further and completely change the current status. Jannik Sinner He is the best player of the moment and his rise to third place on the list is not only a clear demonstration of his current level, but also a clear warning of what may come in the future. The Italian has hard-earned the right to dream of being number 1 in the world. Besides, Stefanos Tsitsipas He has left a top-10 in which he returns strongly Álex de Miñaurthis movement causing the unprecedented situation of not having a single player with a one-handed backhand among the best.

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For the first time in the entire Open Era, this coming Monday there will not be a single tennis player with a one-handed backhand in the top-10 of the ATP rankings.

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– De Minaur explores his limits and Alcaraz loses ground in the fight for number 1, in which Sinner fully enters

The list updated this February 19 will be etched in the history books of world tennis, and the fundamental reason is how the progressive extinction of the one-handed backhand has resulted in, for the first time since 1973, we have a top -10 without players wielding the one-handed backhand. Stefanos Tsitsipas has fallen to eleventh place, seeing how Álex de Miñaur manages to return to the select club that is the ten best in the world, placing himself in ninth position, the best position of his career.

Also Jannik Sinner achieves its best historical record, although it seems that it has every chance to continue climbing positions. Only 835 points separate the Italian from a Carlos Alcaraz in crisis of game and results, who cannot be distracted even one bit if he does not want to be surpassed by his close rival. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic He looks in the rearview mirror without excessive haste, aware that he can score points in Indian Wells, a tournament in which both Sinner and Alcaraz will defend good results from last year.

– Jarry returns to the top-20 and Bublik is in the best moment of his career

You will have left Buenos Aires with that bittersweet taste that comes from not putting the cherry on top of a spectacular job. Jarry was able to beat Alcaraz, consolidating his return to the top-20, ranking 19th in the world, but he was unable to impose his favoritism in the final against Díaz Acosta. In any case, the Chilean deserves all our attention in future events because he could continue climbing positions and challenging his personal record, which is being 18th in the world. One who has already managed to break the mold is Alexander Bublik, who appears in the rankings with the best record of his career, being the 21st best player on the planet. Others who have the best record of him are Jordan Thompson (40), Marcos Giron (44) and Alexander Shevchenko (45).

– Facundo Díaz Acosta embodies the most notable improvement of the week

The Argentine tennis player has achieved a historic feat, as he enters new and exciting territory in his professional career. This title allows him to rise 28 places and rank 59th in the world, with the consequences that this has when it comes to accessing top-level tournaments without having to pass the previous phase. Another Argentine, Federico Coria, obtains a substantial improvement, both qualitatively and quantitatively, since by rising 21 places he returns to the top-100 as 85th in the world. Kokkinakis and Varillas come from that group. In addition, special mention deserves the fact that young people like Luca Nardi (106) and Jakub Mensik (116) are closing in on the 100 best in the world.

*The result of the final of the Delray Beach final is not included, postponed to Monday due to rain

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