The Glittering Legacy: A Look at the Iconic NBA Championship Rings

Los NBA rings They are one of the most famous customs in the world of sports. Beyond being invaluable jewels, they are a reward for the talent of an entire team, leaving a lasting mark on the basketball history. Since the creation of the NBAthese rings have been an object of desire since 1947, when the Warriors won their first championship.

It is a tradition taken from baseball and hockey, which already rewarded their champions with a ring long before the básquetbol. Over the years, this distinction became a symbol of glory and success, so much so that even football teams began to distribute rings, such as those given to the France team in 2018 at the request of Paul Pogba to Jason Arasheben, known for his creations of NBA rings.

How are NBA rings created?

In their design, the manufacturers of the NBA rings must follow certain rules imposed by the NBA. First of all, you must include the registration “World Champion†as a reminder of the title won. Then the first stage begins with a brainstorming session where the creators and jewelers decide the most outstanding elements of the season that will be included in the ring. These inscriptions can be statistics, the scoreboard of the final, or symbols that pay tribute to the team or the city. This creative phase gives rise to a unique ring, since these inscriptions constitute its identity and establish the basis for the rest of the design.

Once this stage is completed, the object is designed and conceptualized using a software that defines the ring design and the elements that will be integrated into it. The ring is printed in wax using a 3D printer, probably the most crucial phase of creation, as it serves as a model before the jewel comes to life. Then, the different materials composed of gold and diamonds are integrated into it. This process is relatively complicated, as it requires impeccable concentration and almost perfect technique.

Once assembly is complete, the ring It is ready to be used by champions. To immerse yourself even more in this universe, GQ has selected the 11 NBA rings most emblematic of history.

The most iconic NBA rings in history

Each NBA ring It is unique. Although it may vary from year to year, it is customized for a team, even when it wins the championship multiple times.

Chicago Bulls (1993) – Michael Jordan’s hat trick

Chicago Bulls Champion Ring in 1993.NBA/Jostens

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