The End of an Era: Amazon Prime Video Announces Documentary on Roger Federer’s Last Days on the Court

Iker Kind 20/02/2024 at 7:12 p.m. CET

The platform Amazon Prime Video has announced the production of a documentary about the last days of the sporting career of Roger Federer. The Swiss tennis player is considered one of the best in history and has had one of the most famous rivalries in sport with Rafael Nadal y Novak Djokovic.

The feature film will be released in June, just in the period of the championship of Wimbledon 2024. The work will be directed by the director Asif Kapadia, winner of an Oscar for the documentary “Amy.” The platform describes the project it manages with the Swiss legend like this: “An intimate follow-up of the last 12 days of the illustrious career of Roger Federer“.

The initial idea was to capture the moments before the Laver Cup 2022, last tournament in which he participated. However, the project transformed into a deeper experience, narrating a “deeply personal journey.” The documentary will be titled “Roger Federer: A Champion’s Journey”.

The former world number 1 has shown his satisfaction at collaborating with Prime Video, given its “large presence in the film industry” and its ability to connect with global audiences. The documentary promises to be a testament to the evolution of tennis and the Swiss player’s enduring legacy on and off the court.

The tennis players Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic y Andy Murray They will also be part of the feature film. It was unthinkable that, mainly, the Spaniard and the Serbian were not in the documentary, since they have been his greatest rivals and companions on the circuit for more than a decade.

The three will be interviewed and will complement the latest images and videos of Federer on a tennis court. “The idea was to capture the final moments of my professional tennis career so I could later show them to my family and friends,” says Roger.

Federer holds the record for titles in Wimbledon, his favorite tournament, after winning up to eight times. The Swiss tennis player is the third male player with the most Grand Slams of history, behind Nadal and of a Djokovic still in the circuit. Achievements that can only corroborate the greatness of the Swiss and the mark that he has left, leaves and will leave in tennis.

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