The Debate Over Morocco’s Role in Ivory Coast’s Victory: Roger Milla’s Recent Statement

Roger Milla, the Cameroonian legend made a recent outing regarding the Elephants’ victory.

According to him, Morocco played no role in the coronation of the Ivorian team.

“It was not Morocco that qualified Ivory Coast for the round of 16. But she qualified thanks to her 3 points and CAF rules.

I would have liked to see the flag of Ivory Coast in the hands of Max Gradel”said Roger Milla.

A statement that is not unanimous among Internet users

“I would say that Morocco played a big positive role for the qualification of Côte d’Ivoire, let’s imagine the opposite. If Morocco had lost, it would have been the opposite in my humble opinion. Bravo to Ivory Coast, I believed in you until the end.”

“Old man, it was Morocco who qualified us, because if they hadn’t won, our 3 points would have been absolutely useless.

Indeed, the Moroccans, knowing that a victory on their part would put us through, forced the win to the point of losing their best players (Boufal and Ziyech) in a match where they could have simply saved themselves by drawing for example. , quietly waiting for the 8th finals.

Therefore, we, Ivorians, understand perfectly the gesture of Max Alain Gradel, because it is a sign of recognition towards a great football nation which did not abandon us when we were at our worst, where brothers gave up by saying in essence, it’s our team that interests us, the rest there, we don’t care.

Finally, it is because Côte d’Ivoire is a hospitable, loving, kind country, that the Infinite Grace of God is always upon it, despite the fact that others always press against us.

“Thank you to Morocco, thank you to the CAF rules, thank you to our 3 points. In any case, there is no harm in recognizing a fact. Morocco could weaken on the ground to do infinite harm to Ivory Coast as Mali expressly did”we can read in the comments.

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2024-02-14 16:23:21
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