The Controversy Surrounding Anthony Rendón and his Baseball Priorities

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The third baseman of the Los Angeles Angels, Anthony Rendón, began Spring Training 2024 at the center of the controversy as he declared this Monday that baseball, a sport he practices as a professional and which has him as one of the players who earns the most money per season in the MLB, is not one of his priorities.

Baseball does not keep Anthony Rendón awake at night

“It’s never been a top priority for me,” Rendon told Sam Blum of The Athletic on Monday. “This is a job. I do this for a living. My faith and my family come first before this job. So if those things come before him, I’m gone.”

Rendón added: “(But) it sure is a priority. Because it’s my job. I’m here, right?”

The Angels third baseman is involved in controversy again because a couple of weeks ago, perhaps jokingly, Major League Baseball should cut its 162-game season. The comment prompted Jonathan Papelbon, with whom he played for two years on the Washington Nationals, to say that he probably the two-time Silver Slugger winner “hates baseball.”

Rendón has one of the 20 largest contracts in baseball history, agreeing for $245 million with the Angels, with whom he has barely managed to play 200 of 546 regular season games with Los Angeles, that is, 36 percent. A handful of injuries have kept him off the field.

Last year, suffering from groin, wrist and shin injuries, was the worst of his career, posting the lowest numbers in a season for him, such as OPS, hits, doubles, home runs and RBIs.

The Angels signed him weeks after he helped the Washington Nationals win their first-ever World Series in 2019.

At the start of the 2023 season, Rendón had an altercation with an Oakland Athletics fan in which he was seen pulling on a piece of clothing to confront him.

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