The Close Bond Between Dennis Schröder and Basketball Lions Braunschweig: An Inside Look

Braunschweig. The bond between Dennis Schröder and the Basketball Lions Braunschweig is close. The NBA star revealed how close in an interview.

Dennis Schröder is known as the proverbial colorful dog. And it’s no longer just in Braunschweig, where he received a frenzied welcome after the German basketball players won the World Cup, where a sports hall will soon bear the NBA star’s name and where the 30-year-old has a lot planned, as he recently revealed to our newspaper has. No, Dennis Schröder is known far beyond the borders of the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region. Just like a real NBA star should.

A circumstance that has increased since the World Cup title that Schröder, who was recently named Lower Saxony’s Sportsman of the Year, won by being selected by the German Basketball Association (DBB) in 2023. But Dennis Schröder from Braunschweig, a partner of the Basketball Lions in his hometown, has never forgotten Braunschweig. He won’t, as he reports to NDR. There, Schröder also makes clear statements about his career and the Basketball Lions.

After moving to Brooklyn Nets, Dennis Schröder is thinking about Braunschweig and being a player for the Lions

Dennis Schröder has just moved from the Toronto Raptors to the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. His fifth stop in the NBA in the last three years. “I came to terms with it. These are luxury problems. “Going to another city, renting an apartment there – you can do that with your cell phone,” Schröder is quoted as saying on NDR, which will be broadcast on Sunday, January 18, 2024 at 11:35 p.m. in a documentary about the Braunschweig native reported.

The season doesn’t last much longer, we don’t want to pay rent the whole offseason if we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Ellen Schröder – wife of Dennis Schröder on the topic of looking for an apartment

Given the fast pace in the NBA, Schröder’s wife Ellen says they don’t want to look for a new long-term home in New York, where Dennis Schröder now plays for the Brooklyn Nets. “The season won’t last much longer, we don’t want to pay rent the whole offseason if we don’t know what’s going to happen next,” says Schröder’s wife, with whom the basketball player would like to open a club in Braunschweig. And anyway: No matter where Schröder goes hunting for baskets and points – in his heart there is only Braunschweig!

Before returning to the Basketball Lions Braunschweig: This is Dennis Schröder’s next big goal

“The base will always be Braunschweig,” says Dennis Schröder, whose move to the Nets hurt his wife Ellen, to NDR. In the station’s documentary, which it also takes up again in a text, the 30-year-old not only clearly supports his hometown, but also the Basketball Lions Braunschweig, of which he is a partner. Schröder announces unequivocally: “I will 1000 percent – ​​even if it is on one leg – play for the Lions again. 1000 percent.”

I will 1000 percent – ​​even if it is on one leg – play for the Lions again. 1000 percent.

Dennis Schröder – NBA star about his career plans

But that is still a long way off for the Braunschweig NBA star Dennis Schröder, whose career once began in the Lion City in the Prinzenpark. For now, another goal awaits. At the Olympic Games in Paris in the summer of 2024, Dennis Schröder would like to carry the German flag into the stadium.

“That would be an honor for me. When Dirk Nowitzki did that (2008 in Beijing, Note d. Red.), I said: There’s nothing better than that. I’m dark-skinned, that’s never happened before,” explains Dennis Schröder on NDR and adds: “It would be a cool thing, I would have made history again.”

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