Teddy Riner Controversy: Difficulty Getting Olympic Games Tickets for Loved Ones

TOFIK BABAYEV / AFP Teddy Riner, here on February 16, 2024, has not two but eight places for his loved ones, like every judoka.

SPORT – “I can’t let him say that.” » After complaining in What an era! having only had two places offered by the federation for his family to attend his fights at the Paris Olympic Games, Teddy Riner was reframed this Sunday, February 25 by the boss of French judo Stéphane Nomis.

Paris 2024: even Teddy Riner has difficulty getting places for his loved ones at the Olympic Games

“With all the affection and respect I have for Teddy Riner, as for all our champions who, I remind you, are going to collect ten medals in Paris, I cannot let him say what he expressed yesterday without reacting »declared Stéphane Nomis at Parisian.

The judo federation purchased 7,000 places for club volunteers. ” An effort consequential for the Federation which has come a long way financially, but the Games must remain a popular celebration and accessible to all,” first wanted to explain Stéphane Nomis, who assured that the federation wanted “think of everyone, and of as many people as possible”.

Eight places in total

Thus, each athlete was offered two places by the judo federation. But they are not the only ones, since the State and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) offer six more, for a total of eight places for the athletes’ relatives. This is also what Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra explained on X (ex-Twitter) a little earlier today, in reaction to the judo champion’s comments.

In this context, Stéphane Nomis says “assuming to offer only two”. And calls for perspective: “We are going through difficult times in France today, so we must put things into perspective because the Games are an exceptional event, to which unfortunately not everyone will be able to have access. As a Federation, our role is to open it to as many people as possible. »

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