TCK x Koji Uehara: Rise to the Top of Dirt Campaign and Tokyo Beef Giveaway

Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK) is currently running the highly popular “TCK x Koji Uehara Rise to the Top of Dirt. Campaign” as a special project to enliven the “3-Year-Old Triple Crown Race on Dirt” that will be established this year. Today (2/5), a special movie “TCK We would like to inform you that we have released “Run up to the top of the world. Kumotori Award Edition”.

“Kumitori Sho (JpnⅢ)” is a race that is positioned as a prelude to the first race of the 3-year-old dirt triple crown race “Haneda Sakazuki (JpnⅠ),” and is a dirt grade race held on the same stage and distance as the actual race. This is a race that attracts a lot of attention.

Continuing from the first special movie, former professional baseball player Koji Uehara will appear and narrate, and Uehara, who has reached the top in both Japan and the world, will show off his fearless appearance and brilliant pitching form. There’s also plenty to see, including a narration that looks back on his racing days, which has similarities to the world of horse racing, and a projection of TCK’s powerful race footage using the course’s “white sand” as a screen.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the release of the second special movie, TCK official Twitter (@tck_keiba) will start a giveaway campaign today (2/5) where you can win 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo Beef.

In addition, the TCK official YouTube channel has released a making-of movie that includes behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting and an interview with Mr. Uehara, so please take a look.

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■Koji Uehara profile

Born April 3, 1975, from Osaka Prefecture.
In 1998, he joined the Yomiuri Giants with the first pick in the draft.
In 2004, he was selected to represent Japan at the Athens Olympics and won a bronze medal.
In 2006, he was selected to represent Japan and won the 1st World Baseball Classic.
In 2008, he moved to the Baltimore Orioles.
In 2013, he won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox, becoming the first Japanese pitcher to raise his pitcher.
In 2016, he signed with the Chicago Cubs.
In 2018, he signed a contract with the Yomiuri Giants.
In 2019, he announced his retirement from active duty.

After retiring as an active player, he appeared on NHK’s “Sunday Sports” and TBS’s “Sunday Morning,” and opened a YouTube channel, “Koji Uehara’s Chat Spirit.”

■Special movie/making movie overview

Title: “TCK x Koji Uehara Run to the top of dirt. Kumotori Award Edition” Release date: Monday, February 5, 2024 Cast/Narration: Koji Uehara

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Click here for the making movie

Q. Please tell us how you feel about being appointed as a promotion ambassador.
A. The horse racing world is really exciting right now, so I hope it will become even more exciting when I become an ambassador.

Q.What are the highlights of the Kumotori Sho?
A. Since this year will be an exchange race, I think the battle for the dirt triple crown will be even more intense, but I hope they will do their best.

Q. Mr. Uehara, please tell us what you kept in mind when you appeared on the big stage.
A. I tried not to think negatively.In my case, when I go on the mound, no one will help me, so I tried to believe in myself.

Q.After filming, please tell us your impressions of today.
A.It was quite tiring because it’s not something I’m used to. I was nervous.
Maybe it’s not for me, but I had a good experience.

■Outline of the Twitter campaign where you can win 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo Beef

In conjunction with the release of the second special movie, TCK official Twitter (@tck_keiba) will be holding a giveaway campaign where you can win 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo Beef. TCK official Twitter account (@tck_keiba) and retweet the Kumotori Sho (JpnⅢ) campaign post, we will give away 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo Beef to 50 people in a lottery.

Period: February 5, 2024 (Monday) to February 14, 2024 (Wednesday) 23:59 How to apply: ① TCK official Twitter account (@tck_keiba) Follow
② Retweet the Kumotori Award (JpnⅢ) campaign post
*Scheduled to be posted around 12:00 on Monday, February 5th Prize: 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo beef for 50 people

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