Swimming: Charlotte Bonnet leaves Philippe Lucas, her coach in Martigues, to prepare for the Olympics in Switzerland

Just a few months before one of the biggest deadlines of her career, Charlotte Bonnet has made a big decision. The French swimmer has decided to leave Philippe Lucas’ training group in Martigues. As she declared this Tuesday on her Instagram account, she will join her companion, Swiss swimmer Jérémy Desplanches, in Geneva. A decision taken in order to best prepare for the Paris Olympic Games.

“I wanted to wait until the end of the World Championships to announce it, even if this decision was taken several weeks ago,” assured Charlotte Bonnet. With age and experience, I know what I need today. Being happy and fulfilled in my life as an athlete and a woman is what matters most to me. Joining my husband in Geneva therefore became obvious, and I am convinced that I am making the right decision. »

The 29-year-old athlete will be supervised by Clément Bailly in Switzerland. During the Swimming World Championships in Doha, which ended on February 18, the Frenchwoman notably finished seventh in the 200 meter medley. “Disappointed” with her race, she was still satisfied with having reached the final, her objective.

If she chose to leave Martigues, Charlotte Bonnet thanked Philippe Lucas, her now ex-trainer. “He made me smile again and gave me serenity and confidence. I went through difficult times and he was one of the people who never gave up on me. I found international podiums, individually and in relays, until my title of European Champion in short course this winter in Bucharest. »

The swimmer promises to have remained on “very good terms” with the famous French coach. In January, Jérémy Desplanches also decided to leave Martigues to train in Geneva. Charlotte Bonnet therefore quickly made the choice to join her companion.


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