Success for Club Malacca at the Spanish Recurve Bow and Compound Bow Indoor Championship

He Spanish Recurve Bow and Compound Bow Indoor Championship has been developed in Jaen from February 8th to February 11th. They have participated in it 600 athletes, of which 91 were from Andalusian clubs. Two clubs have participated in Malaga: the Arco Club Malaka CD, with 13 archers in sub 21, sub 18 and sub 15 categories, plus three athletes in the absolute and C categoriesD Mijas Sports Center Two goalkeepers have also attended in the senior category.

The young archers of the Club Malacca They have performed an extraordinary role in the individual competition. In the Sub 18 Composite Bow, the three representatives made the cut in the qualifying rounds, highlighting Maria Urbano, who competed in the final, winning a silver medal. In Olympic Recurve Bow, nine of them have made the cut to compete in the playoffs. In sub 18, Alejandro Bravo and Eduardo Lanzas They fell in the quarterfinals in some complicated qualifying rounds against high-level goalkeepers. In Recurve Bow Sub 15, Marcos Ruiz reached the second round, falling in an even tie. of the girlsAlicia Marin He also reached the second round. In the absolute competition the goalkeeper of Malacca Miriam Arenas reached the quarterfinals Female Compound Bow and the man from Malaga Eduardo Lanzas fell in the round of 32 in recurve after a very exciting eliminatory that was decided in the tiebreaker arrow. It is worth highlighting his great performance competing in the highest category, since Miriam is under 21 and Eduardo under 18.

In the competition for Autonomous teams, Six Malaka athletes competed representing Andalusia by obtaining one of the three best scores in the qualifier. Representing the Andalusian team, the Malaka club goalkeepers have achieved eight medals. Which is a great merit since the community is one of the three most powerful nationwide. In this Spanish Championship Andalusia has placed 2nd in the medal table with a total of 16 medals.


Composite sub 18 woman SILVER – URBANO LISBONA, Maria


Recurve equipment sub 18 mixed PLATA – LANZAS GARCÍA and Eduardo Recurve equipment sub 15 mixed BRONCE – RUIZ MARTÍN, Marcos

Mixed Under 18 Composite Team SILVER – URBANO LISBONA, Maria

Mixed Absolute Composite Team 4th – ARENAS, Miriam

Men’s Absolute Recurve Team BRONZE – LANZAS GARCÍA, Eduardo

Recurve team under 21 woman SILVER – RAMÍREZ MANCEBO, Carla Noemí

Recurve Team Sub 18 Men BRONZE – LANZAS GARCÍA, Eduardo BRONZE – BRAVO CRUZ, Alejandro

Men’s Sub 15 Recurve Team 4th PLACE – RUIZ MARTÍN, Marcos

Absolute Recurve Team BRONZE – LANZAS GARCÍA, Eduardo


This year the RFETA raised the minimum score, making it difficult to participate in the Championship, increasing the level of the participating archers. Despite this greater demand, it has been the season in which the most athletes in the Club Malacca They have been able to register and have obtained better results by achieving four silver medals, four bronze medals and two fourth places, which places the Malaga arch among the best in Spain. Something worth highlighting since Malaga archers do not have the sports infrastructure that other athletes from other provinces have, who do have training centers with all the necessary services such as physical trainers, sports psychologists or physiotherapists. The Malaga goalkeepers have worked hard to reach this championship at a good level. There is a lot of effort and work from the athletes and their technicians behind the medals. In addition to the financial efforts that their families must make, since they do not have any type of help from any institution. If they have the necessary support, these athletes would significantly increase their sporting results.

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