Success for Asirio Club at the Spanish Indoor Archery Championship

Last week began Spanish indoor archery championship, in Jaén. The Asirio Club attended this event with a wide representation, 38 athletes, of which 23 were women and 15 men, and among whom were several favorites for the final victory.

The competition began with the qualifying round, which went as planned for the people from Huelva, after which the direct crossings were held, continuing in the same vein. In sub 15 recurveSandra Pérez Cumbreras, demonstrated to be in excellent shape and broke the Spanish record for the category, with 595 points out of a possible 600, which led her to be placed in first place in the qualification.

During the qualifiers, the young woman from Huelva fell in the semifinals against the Balearic Aiyin Sharluyan. In the bronze final she faced Ainhoa ​​Retamal Torres, whom she beat, taking the third place in the box.

In sub 18, Marta Aznar Tejero and Leticia Romero Abrio were also sensational. During the entire qualifying round they were fighting at the top of the table, finishing in second and third place respectively. In the direct matches, both athletes had a great performance. In the semifinals they had to face each other, with the victory falling in favor of Leticia, who had to decide in the tiebreaker arrow.

The final for bronze was played by Marta and Claudia Ibáñez Romero from Madrid. The Asirio team had a great eliminatory and surpassed its opponent to win the bronze medal. In the final for gold, Leticia, who had a great performance, was surpassed by the Asturian Paula Álvarez González, having to settle for the national runner-up.

Regional mixed teams

In compound bowthe mixed under 18 team, was made up of goalkeepers Álvaro de los Santos Sánchez and María Urbano Lisbona from Malaga, they combined wonderfully, which led them to achieve the Spanish Runners-up.

In the mixed sub 15 recurve, Sandra Pérez Cumbreras formed a team with another Andalusian, Marcos Ruíz Martín. Both were outstanding until they reached the bronze final, which they won, obtaining the bronze prize.

The representatives of the under 18 mixed recurve team were Marta Aznar Tejero and Eduardo Lanzas García from Malaga. Like their teammates, they were sensational, winning the silver medal after losing to the Balearic Islands.

In mixed recurve of the under 21 category it was formed by Miriam Camacho Galván along with Eduardo Jiménez González from Seville. The Andalusians played a magnificent knockout phase. In the final they were surpassed by the Balearic team, achieving runners-up status in Spain.

Autonomous teams

The under 15 women’s team was made up of the Asirians Rocío Morano Rodríguez, Elena Vicente del Valle and Sandra Pérez Cumbreras. The three athletes performed at a high level, winning the Spanish championship. The under 18 women’s recurve team composed of Marta Aznar, Leticia Romero Abrio and Leyre Minchón Gómez, competed with seriousness and confidence, This led him to win the gold medal.

The under 21 men’s team formed by Alejandro Puerta Batista, together with Eduardo Jiménez González from Seville and Alejandro Montilla Aguilar from Malaga, managed to climb to third place on the podium.

The under 21 girls, Miriam Camacho Galván, Alicia Castilla Quintero and Carla Noemí Ramírez Mancebo from Malaga performed at a high level, reaching the final, which they lost to the Madrid team.

The last to compete were the members of the senior team Leticia Romero Abrio, Marta Aznar and Leyre Fernández, as was the case with their teammates, they passed all the heats until the semifinals. In the fight for bronze they surpassed the Aragón team.

The contribution of the Asirio Club to the Andalusian National Team with 12 medals has been essential to position our region as the second with the most medals and third classified in the medal tablesurpassing autonomies with much more budget and means, both technical and human, such as the Valencian Community or Catalonia, being surpassed only by the all-powerful Community of Madrid and the Balearic Islands.

The Asirio board of directors appreciates the support they have had with the club the Junta de Andalucía, Huelva City Council, Provincial Council and Port Authority of Huelva, Without him it would have been impossible to reach the level demonstrated by Huelva athletes in recent years.

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