Success at the XXVI Indoor Archery Championship 2024: Tomelloso City Trophy

Last Sunday, February 18, the XXVI indoor archery championship 2024, Tomelloso City Trophy, was held.

A great participation with 104 archers from Madrid, Toledo, Jaén, Albacete, Ciudad Real and Cuenca. Two shooting lines, one for Traditional and Longbow archers and the other for Compound and Recurve archers.

The traditional ones would shoot on the front line and early in the morning, among whom were Alfredo Serrano and Mari Jota Jaén from Arcoclub Las Lomas.

Alfredo would fight with 14 other archers for the first positions in this case for 1 ham and some assortment lots for the 2nd and 3rd place.

During the first round Alfredo and Chema Mateos from Manzarco occupied the first positions and it would be decided in the 2nd round who took the ham, however, the man from Cuenca was a little more successful and took first place in addition to surpassing his record in competition. Chema from Manzarco stayed in 2nd position and also achieved his long-awaited goal of passing 500 points, in 3rd position and no less meritorious was José Antonio Herrero, also from Manzarco.

Mari Jota Jaén also had 7 other archers and no less fighters, with the same objective, the Ham, or a batch of the assorted ones.

Almudena Barbas and Mari Jota were already caressing the Ham in the first half of this competition, but Almudena from Manzarco, very consistent, was worthy of the First place in the box, followed in 2nd position no less deserved by Mari Jota from Las Lomas, in 3rd position Agustina Talavera de Puertollano that despite its age continues to show that it is up to the task.

Then it would be the turn of the compound and recurve archers.

The people of Cuenca from Arcoclub las Lomas are very satisfied for finishing the indoor season with very good results. Despite not having adequate facilities for the practice and expansion of the club.


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