Success at the 5th Stage of the Departmental Youth Badminton Circuit

Last weekend, the Capdenac-Gare municipal gymnasium hosted the 5th stage of the departmental youth badminton circuit.

This event brought together around fifty players from the Monastère, Rodez, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Saint-Affrique and Millau clubs. The Aveyron committee as well as the licensees, parents and volunteers of the CCAC Badminton made it possible to organize this competition for the third year in a row with the help of its partners: the Region, the Department, the town hall of Capdenac-Gare, Intermarché, the Banque Populaire, Raynald and Roquelaure but also MMA insurance and OIS du Grand-Figeac. For the CCAC, the tournament was a success with encouraging results for the 12 young Capdenacois involved.

The results

Chicks / chicks series: Winner Loukas Coursières (Villefranche) – Finalist Barbara Bouquié (Villefranche).

Ladies Series 1: Winner Justine Buczenski (Villefranche) – Finalist Noémie Macouin (Capdenac).

SD2: Winner Mélissa Christophe (Capdenac) – Finalist Garance Debouté-Liess (Millau).

SD3: Winner Gabrielle Eymet (Villefranche) – Finalist Noélie Coursières (Villefranche).

Men’s Series 1: Winner Pablo Jimenez (Millau) – Finalist Julian Faure (Villefranche).

SH2: Winner Clément Bernard (Rodez) – Finalist Nathan Dunouvion (Saint-Affrique).

SH3: Winner Julian Delport (Capdenac) – Finalist Manolo Danger (Saint-Affrique).

SH4: Winner Noé Paillous-Fayret (Monastère) – Finalist Maé Badersbach (Villefranche).

SH5: Winner Nizar Agrar (Capdenac) – Finalist Yanis Dupont-Viale (Saint-Affrique).

The next stage will take place in Saint-Affrique next May.

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