Stopped by the referee and the VAR (0-0)

See what a good point it was. A sweaty, hard-earned and deserved draw against Real Sociedad by a Girona team that could have lost in the second half, but also won with a bit more success in the first and on a final occasion from Valery. The point is good and it allows the team to continue making their way towards the European dream. What is not so much is the bill of the match, which leaves Girona without Yangel Herrera, Blind and Míchel for next Saturday’s game at the Bernabéu against Madrid in a final recital of Gil Manzano’s cards. The referee wanted his share of the star of a great football match. First when, at the behest of the VAR, he disallowed a Herrera goal for an incomprehensible offside forty seconds before the ball went in and when Real had started a new move, but above all, when with the game over, he warned Blind to protest. Meanwhile, he had expelled Míchel. Neither the coach, nor the Dutchman nor Herrera, will be at the Bernabéu on Saturday. “That’s how, that’s how Madrid wins,” finished Montilivi, outraged by the referee’s performance.
2024-02-04 07:32:53
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