Standard CEO Pierre Locht’s Outburst Caught on Camera During Union vs Standard Match

The CEO of Standard, Pierre Locht, completely lost his nerve this Sunday, while he was filmed during the meeting between Union and Standard.

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For good reason, the VAR intervened to ask the referee to see the images following a tackle by Zinho Vanheusden in his own penalty area, when the score was 0-0 and the Rouches had just shot the post a few seconds before.

Mr. Laforge, who had not initially called a foul, then went to review the images. While he was consulting them, we saw Pierre Locht on the screen on Eleven Sports, shouting twice: “it must be clear, eh Laforge”.

And when the referee made his decision and designated the penalty spot, the CEO of Standard lost his temper and insulted him twice as a “son of a ****”, as we could clearly read on his lips.

2024-02-25 18:34:54
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