Stacy Duvenage, new Belenos coach: “We have to do a lot of mental work, but I believe in the team and in myself”

Stacy Duvenage (South Africa, 1967) has arrived in Avilés with one objective in mind: saving Belenos. The South African, who played rugby in different teams in his country for years and has coached teams like Barcelona, ​​conveys optimism with his words. Although his Spanish is not perfect, the message is clear. He only thinks about achieving permanence with the Avilesinos and he has already set to work to achieve it. His first game on the Yago Lamela bench will be next February 24, so he has time to implement his work method and make his players forget about the bad streak they are experiencing.

–How were your first days in Avilés?

–I am lucky that my new destination is Avilés. It is a very cool city and has a lot of charm. Plus, there is good food and people have welcomed me with open arms. And over time I’ve been lucky, it’s incredible. I’m very happy. This is going to be the beginning of an era that is going to leave me with great memories.

–How did your signing for Belenos come about?

–Years ago I was in contact with Felipe Blanco (president of the club). I was talking to him and I wanted to join the club, because I love how they do things and I loved the way they work, but I had no luck. This time he called me and I didn’t think twice.

–It was a quick decision, from what he says.

–I didn’t doubt it much. The most difficult thing was convincing my family. I am married and have a daughter, but finally I have come alone. The connections between Barcelona and Asturias are good, there will be no problem. I have come to, in these three months, do my best and thus meet the challenges.

–He arrives at Belenos after five consecutive defeats. How do you intend to turn around the team’s sporting situation?

–The most important work we have to do now is mental. It is normal in any sport when there are so many consecutive defeats. We have to do a lot of mental work, so that they truly believe it and see that permanence is possible.

–Do you trust her?

-Without a doubt. I believe in the squad we have and in my job as a coach. Sometimes it just takes a little change to turn around bad situations. I hope to be that change. I’m not here to invent rugby, I’m here to help the kids and together achieve the goal of salvation.

–How have you seen the players?

–On Monday we had our first training session together and we were able to get to know each other. They did a great workout. I explained my point of view a little, what I need to play my game and for everything to go well. I have seen a great group.

–What is Stacy Duvenage like as a coach?

–I am a coach who loves what he does. Rugby is my passion. I try to help my players play at their best level, so that together we can achieve the best results. Plus, I want my players to have fun with what they do.

–The reason Belenos gave for dismissing the previous coach is that he did not follow the club’s line, which went beyond the bad results. Have they explained to you what that line is?

–I am not a person who looks back, only forward. Before signing I spoke with Felipe to have clear guidelines. The club comes first, before everything, and then the players. It is all I know.

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