Spring Training Updates: Orix Buffaloes Focused on Winning Fourth Consecutive League Title

Ball spring has arrived! Spring training for each team has started! For professional baseball fans, the long-awaited season has arrived. While each team’s training camp is being broadcast and distributed live, one of the 12 teams that I would like to pay particular attention to is Orix, which has this year’s catchphrase “Orifoo WW” in its bid to regain the number one in Japan and win the league for the fourth time in a row. Buffaloes.

Absolute ace pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s departure to the major leagues and pitcher Fukuya Yamazaki’s transfer. There have been significant changes in strength, such as Hiroshi Suzuki from Chunichi in the active draft, Teruyoshi Yoshida from Nippon-Ham in a trade, and Ryoma Nishikawa from the Hiroshima Carp as an FA transfer, and the question is “How do we change to win?” This will be an important camp where you will be asked questions.

The camp begins in the absence of Ace. Post Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s expectations are placed on pitcher Daiya Miyagi, who had good results last season as the second ace. However, pitcher Shunpei Yamashita, last year’s Pacific League Rookie of the Year, will put Miyagi on the line. This year, he will change his jersey number from “12” to “11” and says, “I want to contribute to the championship while focusing on my ERA.”

And this time, I would like to introduce Justin Bieber & Ludacris’ “Baby”, which pitcher Yamashita chose as the featured song for the 2024 season, which aims to overcome his absence due to injury and improve on his performance over last year. This song, sung by Justin, who was 15 years old at the time, is a heartbreak song, but it has a pop melody that makes you want to dance lightly, and it is a song that stirs up the excitement of rising to the mound.

Spring camp is an important opportunity for growth and promotion for newly joined players, players making a comeback, and players aiming for the ace position. You can’t miss what’s going on this spring, not just for Orix, but for all 12 teams and players.

Justin Bieber & Ludacris「Baby」
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