Spain looks like a star, enters the Olympics and will play in the Nations final against France

Miles of Accomplished dreams in a single night. A single common dream, actually. The dream of those who are now participants in this moment, but also of those who were and those who will come. Spain will play the Olympic Games for the first time in history and, also, the Nations League final.

Ante 21,856 spectators, at the Cartuja Olympic Stadium in Seville, the world champions they brought out the star that they have been sewn on their chests since August 20 and it shone brighter than ever. A gambling exhibition that earned a ticket to Paris thanks to the goals by Jenni Hermoso, Aitana Bonmatí and Ona Batlle.

Absolute control

Laia Aleixandri In the pivot he was the great novelty in Montse Tomé’s starting eleven. The Catalan took the place of Teresa Abelleira, ruled out due to injury, and she left hers to Laia Codina. And Athenea came out of the game on the far right.

The meeting began with the absolute control for the Red. The Spanish team started from behind, with Paredes leading from behind and a very active Ona Batlle on the right wing, breaking from behind and distributing crosses.

The ‘Oranje’ did almost nothing to create danger in the Cata Coll area. Greens She won a duel against Olga and Miedema couldn’t finish. Only Brugts, first, and Beerensteyn, later, surprised the Spanish defense. The Balearic goalkeeper took it out with a providential foot.

Olga had the first in her boots with a shot from the edge of the area, and Salma Paralluelo, who did not have luck on her side, missed three clear chances, alone against Van Domselaar. She put her hands to her head.

Always Jenni… and Aitana

Spain wanted to score a goal and deserved to be winning. And then it appeared Jenni Hermoso, Who else. An individual play by the ’10’ from the edge of the area that culminated with a cross shot to send the ball to the back of the net. He celebrated it with special euphoria, a living legend, while, at exactly the same moment, Diani scored for France.

One more step. AND Aitana Bonmatí He surprised from behind to finish off a cross from Mariona, omnipresent in La Cartuja, put land in the middle and bring Spain closer to Paris.

Montse Tomé He read Jonker’s intentions, who no longer had anything to lose, and advanced the lines to put pressure on. The coach brought in Alba Redondo, for Athenea, to gain depth. And Ona Batlle scored the third and final goal, finishing off a dead ball in the six-yard box.

German defeat

The other semi-final was downplayed by the very favorable result for Spain, although everyone in La Cartuja was waiting for that France – Germanyjust in case. Diana overtook the ‘bleu’ and Karchaoui He extended the gap with a penalty goal due to a foul by Oberdorf.

Germany found the goal, with a goal Gwinn, but it was not enough. The grand final will be between Spain and France, also in Seville, and La Roja will compete in the Olympic Games. A historic night to show the world that this team is willing to win absolutely everything.

Spain, 3; Netherlands, 0

SPAIN: Taste Coll; Ona Batlle, Irene Paredes, Laia Codina, Olga Carmona (Oihane, m. 73); Laia Aleixandri, Aitana Bonmatí, Jenni Hermoso (Vicky López, m. 73); Athenea del Castillo (Alba Redondo, d. 62), Salma Paralluelo (Lucía, d. 83) and Mariona (Eva Navarro, d. 83). Selector: Montse Tomé.

NETHERLANDS: Van Domselaar; Casparij, Dijkstra, Janssen (Wilms, m. 68), Brugts (Jansen, m. 79); Groenen, Spitse, Van de Donk (Captain, m. 87); Beerensteyn (Snoeijs, m. 68), Miedema (Egurrola, m. 46), Martens. Selector: Andries Jonker.

GOALS: 1-0 (m. 41), Jenni Hermoso; 2-0 (m. 45), Aitana; 3-0 (m. 77), Ona Batlle.

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