Shaquille O’Neal’s 100,000-Square-Foot Mansion Revealed in Recent Interview

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Shaq doesn’t exactly live in a shack.

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His sprawling 100,000-square-foot mansion is as supersized as the larger-than-life NBA legend himself.

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The house size is unconfirmed, but Shaquille O’Neal’s real estate holdings have come into focus after his chat with Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce on The Big Podcast with Shaqwhere the former NBA star dished on some personal subject matter.

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  • “I made a lot of dumba– mistakes to where I lost my family and I didn’t have anybody. That’s not the case for you. So enjoy your beautiful wife, enjoy your beautiful kids and never dwell on what we had,” O’Neal told Kelce on the podcast. “What we had is what we got — you got the (Super Bowl) ring, people know who you are, enjoy. Because, again, I was an idiot and I’ve talked about it a long time. I love my whole family. I’m in a 100,000-square-foot house by myself.”

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    One of two Texas homes owned by Shaquille O’Neal. Photo by EBBY HALLIDAY REALTORS

    The specific details of O’Neal’s solo estate have not been confirmed; however, the New York Post dug through public records that indicate his ownership of nine extravagant properties in Nevada, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

    According to the PostO’Neal purchased four different homes in McDonough, Ga., in the last few years with a combined 30 acres of land. He also owns a 4,600-sq.-ft. home in Hampton, Ga.

    According to the outlet, months after selling his mansion in Orlando, Fla., O’Neal bought a five-bedroom, six-bathroom, 5,200-sq.-ft. estate in the Dallas suburbs.


    The 51-year-old also has a 6,400-sq.-ft. home in Sugar Land, Texas, according to the report, and a 4,800-sq.-ft. home in Las Vegas, purchased in 2021.

    The retired basketball star and sports analyst offered advice to Kelce, 36, who is thinking about retirement from the NFL.

    “My advice to you is if you are going to retire, accept it, enjoy your family, brother,” O’Neal said.

    “Still figuring it out,” Kelce said about his retirement plans.


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