Sevilla professional Ocampos harassed by fan during throw-in

A scandal in the Primera División: During Sevilla FC’s 2-1 away win at Rayo Vallecano in Madrid, a fan of the home team placed an outstretched finger on the buttocks of visiting professional Lucas Ocampos when the winger wanted to take a throw-in on the sideline. The unusual incident was clearly visible on live broadcast on Spanish television late on Monday evening.

And it caused great outrage. “You’ve never seen anything like this!” was the headline in the newspaper “Marca” on Tuesday. The newspaper “Sport” spoke of a “scandal”, the radio station Cope saw a “surreal scene”. Sevilla FC, meanwhile, condemned the “obscene and unacceptable gesture” and called for action from La Liga.

“There’s always a fool”

Ocampos told DAZN after the game: “I hope La Liga takes this as seriously as racism and things like that. I don’t think all the people of Rayo are like that because they have always treated us with respect, but there is always a fool.” There must now be consequences. The incident was captured by the cameras. “We can all imagine what would happen if something like this happened in women’s football,” Ocampos said.

After the harassment, the 29-year-old Argentine briefly turned around on the pitch to confront the young fan. But he stayed calm and just called the referee. He “held back” and didn’t react more violently because he had two daughters. “I hope something like this never happens to them,” he said.

Sevilla coach Quique Flores became clearer. “You have to ask yourself what’s going on in people’s minds, whether young or old. I’m very worried (…). We always imagined football as something wild but wonderful. We hope something like this doesn’t happen again.”

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Some fans laughed at the incident and Rayo players then called on supporters to behave. Rayo boss Raúl Martín Presa subsequently said on Spanish television that the club condemned the harassment and would take action. “We will identify the fan, his season ticket will be confiscated, he will be banned from the stadium and fined. But the club is not to blame and should not be punished.”


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