Scouting Report: Evaluating Massive Right Tackle Prospect Mims

Mims is an enormous right tackle prospect with long arms. He has very limited starting experience (eight total starts in three years at Georgia), partially due to injury. While the résumé is light, the skill set is impressive. In pass pro, he plays with a firm, wide base and uses his length to control defenders. He stays square and patient. When he does throw his punch, it jolts defenders, making them take a second to recover. He can sink his weight against power rushers and doesn’t give up ground. He plays with good awareness. In the run game, he can latch, run his feet and finish. He struggles in space on occasion because he’s out of control. To see him at his best, watch the College Football Playoff game against Ohio State in the 2022 season, when he was healthy and dominant. He battled through an injury during the 2023 season. Overall, there is risk because of the limited body of work, but Mims is a unique talent.

2024-02-26 15:44:00
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