Scotland calls on World Rugby to recognize there was a refereeing error against France

By Ar. C.

Published 14 minutes ago, Updated now

Nic Berry in discussion with Australian referee Nic Berry. RUSSELL CHEYNE / REUTERS

After long minutes of discussion, the Scots were denied their last try against the Blues on Saturday at Murrayfield.

The end of the match between Scotland and France continues to be debated. While regulation time is over at Murrayfield, the Chardon XV pushes to snatch victory. After several periods of play, Sam Skinner charges and collapses in the goal, despite Sébastien Taofifenua, Yoram Moefana and Posolo Tuilagi who come to oppose him. Did the Scotsman really flatten the ball in the goal to give his team victory?

Referee Nic Berry does not initially grant the try, but requests video refereeing. After long minutes, the Australian referee confirmed that he refused the try to the XV du Chardon. A decision which inevitably displeased the Scots. Notably their fly-half and co-captain Finn Russell: “France came away with the victory this (Saturday) evening, but for me, there was a try at the end. It’s not up to me to make this decision, it’s up to the referee, it’s his job.”

New twist this Tuesday, revealed by the BBC . The Scottish Rugby Union has written a letter to World Rugby for the international federation to publicly acknowledge that there was a refereeing error at the end of the match. Adding that the integrity of the Tournament was compromised by an alleged change of heart on the part of the referees.

“The dialogue between the referee and the TMO made no sense”

Nic Berry initially ruled that the ball had not been flattened. But the video referee (TMO, for Television Match Official), Irishman Brian MacNeice, would have first informed Nic Berry that the video images showed that the ball had indeed been flattened. Before turning back… Which led the main referee to refuse this try and therefore deprive Scotland of victory.

The SRU disputes the manner in which this refereeing decision was made and wants World Rugby to declare that an error was made. “The dialogue between the referee and the TMO made no sense”says a source close to the file cited by the BBC. And to add: “It’s not about Scottish Rugby being belligerent. But it would be good if there was a statement saying that after having time to reflect and review the video evidence, what happened was not okay.”


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