Scioli, secretary of tourism and transfuguism

It is not an opinion, it is a fact. Transfuguism (Royal Spanish Academy): attitude and behavior of the turncoat. Turncoat: person who leaves a political, business or other organization to join another organization that is generally contrary.”

You don’t have to be afraid of words, you have to respect facts. Daniel Scioli is the new Secretary of Sports, Tourism and Environment of the far-right Government of Javier Milei. So clear. He came to tell us that here everyone goes to their own thing, except me, who goes to my own thing. He hasn’t stopped anything. Not even the memory of a country dismembered, wounded, full of absences, the product of a genocide that the government it integrates denies with aggressive ferocity. The thing is that in some political spaces we first talk about positions and then about ideology. One wonders if there isn’t something pathological in that sick desire to scratch a command chair no matter what, wherever it comes from.

They say it’s not time to point fingers at anyone. Needless. They point themselves out. Who was going to say it? Daniel Scioli, the gravedigger privatizing Argentine sport and football. That image of Kafkaesque eccentricity that leads him to analyze and explain himself to others. The law is on the table. Some manifestos, too. “We recognize sport as a tool for social transformation, the effort of the struggle of women, of sexual diversities, understanding the inalienable role of the State as a guarantor, responsible for promoting equal opportunities, so that the Argentine people, without distinction of gender or economic condition, can access, train and enjoy sport (…) incorporating athletes and coaches into the work and retirement regime, and that 100% of the clubs access social rates for services and benefits for entry to the sport of childhoods and retirees”, a document signed by hundreds of Argentine athletes. Jon Uriarte, Olympic medalist, adds: “Clubs are the physical place where we build the most beautiful things about Argentina. Where the community is organized, we develop it by privileging social and emotional ties, and it would be devastating to become driven by mere commercial and business criteria.”

The well-being of the new Secretary of Sports will be based on the suffering of millions of people and their social destruction (DNU and Omnibus Law). We know that the human capacity to humanize ourselves is disrupted by economic interests that have the best tools of persuasion at their service. We are very short of hope lately. There are many blank eyes on many dark bodies. That joke of the politician who harangued the masses fits like a glove to Daniel Scioli: “It’s us or chaos.” Suddenly people started shouting, “chaos, chaos.” To which the politician immediately responded. “Don’t worry, it’s us too.”

2024-02-02 12:20:33
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