San Francisco 49ers Part Ways with Defensive Coordinator Steve Wilks After Super Bowl Loss

Los San Francisco 49ers They continue to endure the bitter pill that losing the Super Bowl LVIII at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefsand after falling for the second time before Patrick Mahomes and company, the head coach of the Gambusinos, Kyle Shanahan He began to define his staff for the next campaign, where defensive coordinator Steve Wilks will not be there.

After a season in his position, Steve Wilks was fired from the San Francisco organization, he reported Kyle Shanahan in a brief press conference, before the team breaks ranks after playing the Super Bowl.

It was my goal not to change anything, and bring in Steve, who was amazing for how loyal he was and what he was trying to do, but it ended up not being the right fit. And it hurts me to do this, but it’s exactly what I should do“.

Wilks took the place of Demeco Ryans in defensive coordination San Franciscowhere he allowed 17.5 points on average per game, which is a setback taking into account that in 2022 the 49ers They allowed 16.3 games in between.

Nick Bosa49ers defensive end regretted the departure of Steve Wilks as defensive coordinator, and highlighted that although there were some problems throughout the season, the playoffs were played at the highest level.

Steve Wilks came to San Francisco from the Carolina Pantherswhere he took over as interim head coach, and in 2018 he served as head coach of the Arizona Cardinalswhich ended that year with a record of three wins and 13 losses.

With the departure of Wilks, Shanahan could resort to Brandon Stanley as defensive coordinator. Stanley He was head coach of the Chargersa team that he left in December 2023, and Los Angeles finished with a record of five wins and nine losses with Stanley as a strategist.

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