Rome, Ndicka has returned to Trigoria and De Rossi can change in defense. Llorente at risk of benching

Evan I’m sorry he returned to Trigoria. He had announced it to Daniele de Rossi in a phone call on the eve of the match against Feyenoord. Today they will present themselves for the first time as the new coach was hired while the defender was at the Africa Cup of Nations. And who knows if there will be time to give him the first indications to deploy him on Sunday against Frosinone. The question mark is a must because two days of training are few even though the Ivorian, who returned as the winner of the Africa Cup of Nations, played all the matches in a four-man defence. The key could be precisely this considering that De Rossi changed the physiognomy of the team by moving from the three-man line to the four-man line in which Llorente revealed some difficulties. Like yesterday when he missed the mark on Paixao by moving away from the attacker and heading towards Svilar: «It’s my fault. Even against Inter we conceded goals from these crosses, it means that I have to wake up and work on them better”, said De Rossi, accepting responsibility.


Who risks the bench

With Ndicka’s return, the Spaniard will go to the bench. The choices will be more complicated when he actually becomes available again Smalling. At that point the hierarchies could be reversed: Mancini is an irremovable starter and the starting pair (on paper) should be the one with Gianluca and the Englishman. But everything will depend on the latter’s form. From Rossi he will go step by step, first he will insert Ndicka again, then based on his performance he will evaluate whether and how to integrate Smalling too.


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