Roger Federer Talks Tennis, Family, and the Laver Cup in New Interview

“Great fans!” They immediately came to mind when he thought of German tournaments, the superstar told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Federer also praised the “super professional” organization at the events in Munich, Halle/Westphalia and Berlin.

“I always felt comfortable. Germany was always a good hunting ground for me,” said the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

The German fans would also remind him of the Swiss, and: “Of course the language also brings people together.” At tournaments in Germany he almost felt “as if I were playing at home”.

Federer wants to inherit Borg and McEnroe

This is also why the Laver Cup, co-organized by Federer’s management company “TEAM8”, is taking place in Berlin this year.

The Swiss further explained that he wanted to “connect generations” with this tournament and offer the fans a very special appeal. He sees himself “as a team captain one day,” but Björn Borg and John McEnroe are still the ideal people for this position.

He still follows tennis often and this year he will try to “attend three or four events”.

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Federer about his children and private life

Despite all this, Federer emphasized how happy he was in his tennis retirement. “Life is great. I’m very happy,” he told the “SZ”.

His children in particular, nine-year-old twin boys and 14-year-old twin girls, take up a lot of work: “It takes a lot of time to organize the logistics with my wife.”

But now he is finally able to organize his free time according to his taste. This also includes going skiing on the weekends: “That was exactly what I wanted to do when I stopped.”

The 42-year-old tries to convey “the true values” to his offspring. Not an easy task, “especially with the 14-year-old girls. They have a mind of their own.”

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Federer on forehand: “Oh yes, it’s running!”

The Swiss continued to explain that his family had grown very close together. People love “spending time together.”

In everyday life, he and his wife Mirka, a former tennis player, would have daily conversations with the children.

“I feel like a motivational speaker at home. Sometimes I end and think to myself: Wow, that was a really good speech, Roger! And five minutes later nothing I said was done,” the 42-year-old said deeply look.

To balance it out, he and his wife play tennis together every now and then – and it’s still probably not too bad: “With my forehand, I honestly thought: Oh yeah, it’s working!”

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