Rising Tennis Star Joao Fonseca: A Promising Future Ahead

Is the man of the moment. Joao Fonseca has amazed everyone with his performance at the ATP Rio Open 2024 and it is worth knowing more about the personality of one of the great promises for the future. The 17-year-old Brazilian reveals his great desires in tennis and admits to watching many matches of Sinner and Alcaraz, his great references.

An emergence as abrupt as it is promising. Only in this way can you define what you have achieved Joao Fonseca this week in the ATP 500 Río Open 2024, becoming a turning point in its progression. He was already recognized by many as one of the great projects of a great tennis player, but having been able to chain two victories and show great sensations against Navone, has caused great media attention in a boy with the necessary potential to cause a real earthquake in the men’s circuit. A few hours away from competing again, this time in the ATP 250 Santiago de Chile 2024 Thanks to an invitation from the organizers, the Brazilian sits down with the Brazilian media Uol, to reveal a little more about his personality and dreams for the future.

“I have been playing tennis since I was 4 years old because I went to watch my brother’s training sessions, who is five years older than me. I didn’t think I could fall in love with tennis so much, I was always very linked to the sport, I tried playing soccer, volleyball, I surfed, climbed… Finally, I spent some time combining tennis and soccer more seriously, and after an injury I got on the soccer field,” says Fonseca, who turned to tennis from the 11 years old, moving twice to find better facilities in which to develop, as well as schools that would allow him to complete part of his studies online. In fact, he has ended up studying completely virtually with the American system, since he wanted to keep open the option of going to university in the United States and competing in the NCAA.

– Fonseca spoke about the possibility of postponing his jump to professionalism to go to university

In fact, he still hasn’t clearly stated whether, in a few months, when he graduates, he will decide to continue studying in the United States or embark on a professional career. “My parents have always been very honest. I’m sure that most of those who have an athletic son would encourage him to go professional so that he could start earning money, but they encouraged me to commit to an American university and make the final decision later , when I have already tried my luck in some professional tournaments. Sports careers are increasingly longer, many tennis players reach their best level after the age of 26, so I have time. In principle, If I see myself as having the necessary level to be a professional I will do it, but I don’t rule out anything“, he commented before speaking with humility about when he knew he could be a great tennis player.

“And until 2022 I didn’t think I could dedicate myself to tennis, honestly. It was only when I won a match in Challenger events, beating top-300 and top-200 players, when I knew I had something to offer in this sport,” he asserts. before honestly explaining his goals as a tennis player. “In all the interviews I have given I was very sincere about this. My big dream is to be number 1 in the world and win a Grand Slam, Wimbledon being my favorite. I know I can achieve it, but it is a very long road and it requires work hard. I stay with my feet on the ground because it is the way in which dreams come true. If you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to do it?” says the Brazilian player.

Joao Fonseca He defines himself as a shy boy with problems communicating with others, but he acknowledges that he has improved a lot since he hired a press advisor, known for having worked with Guga Kuerten and now doing so with Haddad-Maia, as is Diana Gabanyi. Furthermore, the Brazilian admits that he feels very supported by his parents and points to his lifelong coach, Guilherme Teixeira, as a basic prop for things to happen positively for him. “I have a very special connection with him, I spend more time with him than with my parents, we have a lot of trust,” she says before referring to the impact of social networks on her daily life.

– The young Brazilian showed his admiration for Alcaraz and Sinner, whom he considers great examples to follow

“When I have free time I usually meet up with my friends to have pizza, chat and play poker. My coach always recommends that I go out into the world to have fun and not worry about what others say, try to disconnect and not be looking at Instagram “he declares. “Maintaining routines is essential, I talk a lot with my physical trainer to maintain the best possible shape and we usually review the games I play to detect errors and prepare tactical approaches. Now we are trying to be more aggressive, to be the one who dictates the pace of the game and subtract more on the field,” he reveals.

Being questioned about his great historical and current references, Joao Fonseca is clear. “When I was younger I didn’t miss any of Federer’s matches. My mother is a big fan of Roger’s and I admired him a lot. Now I watch a lot more tennis than before, I didn’t like it as much as I do now, I enjoy watching Sinner’s matches and de Alcaraz. It is impressive how strong they are mentally and how they are able to compete against rivals like Djokovic. I pay a lot of attention to everything they do on and off the court, which is why it was fantastic to share time with them at the ATP Finals 2023.” , declared a Joao Fonseca very motivated with what I can offer in the ATP 250 Santiago de Chile 2024.

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