Ricky Rubio, after his return to basketball: “I have to dust it off”

Ricky Rubio returned to basketball. He lost Spain, but the point guard returned after spending almost a year without playing due to a mental health problem. Scariolo’s team lost to Latvia (75-79)but the El Masnou point guard was seen for 20.13 minutes, who had been away from the courts for six and a half months and whose last game dates back to April 23 of last year when he was still with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA.

“The love for basketball has always been there. It got a little darker,” said Ricky Rubio, who confessed that he had “felt like a rookie, with a lot of nerves.”

How to ride a bicycle

Then, Ricky has gone a little further: “I’m learning, again. How to learn, again, to ride a bicycle. There is still a lot of dust, but I have to get rid of it,” said the point guard, who scored 11 points (six from free throws) in addition to giving away five assists. “It’s going to be difficult, but I’m happy. “Now we have to enjoy this beautiful game again.”

“The love for basketball has always been there. It got a little darker”

Ricky Rubio

— Spain player

After spending more than half a year without setting foot on a track, Ricky has experienced sensations that he thought were lost. “You can do whatever you want on the treadmill or in the gym, but nothing imitates a game of basketball,” he said without wanting to reveal whether he will play the next match in Belgium.

Ricky Rubio, in an attacking play for Spain against Latvia at the Príncipe Felipe Pavilion in Zaragoza. / EFE

“We have to go day by day. Let’s see how we get up tomorrow, but we will evaluate it with the coach,” he said in reference to the talk he will have with Scariolo. “I’m very grateful to have this opportunity. It’s a shame about the defeat, we’ll see,” said the new Barça player, after acknowledging the nerves he experienced upon his return to basketball.

“I have seen him with a lot of will and serenity, with the desire to do well, but with a lack of rhythm. We appreciate the help he has given us,” said coach Sergio Scariolo.

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