Revival Under Gasset: Marseille’s Sporty Success and Anticipation for Club Sale

Sportingly, things are going better for Olympique de Marseille, the arrival of Jean-Louis Gasset on the bench having revived the team. But the sale of Frank McCourt’s club is still awaited by supporters.

Before the match against Montpellier, Sunday evening at the Vélodrome, the Marseille Ultras sent several messages to the OM leaders via banners. Pablo Longoria and Mehdi Benatia were cited, but the American owner of the Marseille club was not spared. Being described as “ non-existent owner “, McCourt was also questioned mischievously about his health: ” McCourt still alive? “. It is true that the Bostonian has not come to the Marseille stadium since last summer, even though his club was going through a crisis, and rumors were circulating about his desire to continue the adventure at OM. While last week, all eyes were turned towards the Principality regarding Saudi investors, Thibaud Vézirian has not changed his mind at all and is putting forward a date for all this to be made official.

OM sold, announcement by summer 2024

If he avoids setting a precise timetable, his real false announcement of 2021 having vaccinated him, the one who has announced for three years that Olympique de Marseille will come under the control of Saudi Arabia has recognized that the formalization must intervene before next season. “ There is no offer from Saudi Arabia for AS Monaco, while for OM everything is moving forward, the lights are all green for formalization by the end of June. We hope that’s it, but we know business. I have nothing new to say, because there is no point in talking in the wind », specified Thibaud Vézirian, who took the liberty of sending Jérôme Rothen back to his studies after the latter’s comments on the interest of a Saudi prince in AS Monaco. However, JR25 himself specified that he had Prince Albert on this theme, where TV has been hiding its sources since 2021. At one point or another, the file will also have to move forward on the side of OM and not in any way. hidden under penalty of losing all credibility.

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