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The real Madrid gave a definitive blow to the League against Girona with his 4-0 victory, but once again suffered the illness that has followed him since the beginning of the season. His star, Jude Bellingham, who scored a double before the revelation of the championship, He suffered a double ankle sprain for which there is already a diagnosis.

“After the tests carried out by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he has been diagnosed a high grade sprain to the left ankle. Pending evolution,” reads the medical report of the white entity, which loses another cash in the run-up to the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Leipzig (Tuesday, 9:00 p.m.). The Englishman will be out for three weeks. He is expected to be available for the return match (March 6 at the Bernabéu).

Bellingham scored a goal injured

Injuries are being a scourge for Real Madrid this season, despite the fact that all the losses are being compensated with note. Against Girona, in what was a final for the League title, he destroyed his opponent with a central pairing made up of a midfielder, Tchouaméniand a right side, Carvajal. The Spanish international has had to adapt to a position in which he had only played once in his life.

The two performed in a match where Real Madrid was pure solidarity. However, the bad news does not stop for Carlo Ancelotti, who reinvents himself in each match, making it clear that he is much more than a simple manager. Bellingham’s injury was clear, despite the fact that the Englishman, hot, He continued on the field and even scored his double after suffering a second sprain. The first was in the opening act.

The goal is the return against Leipzig

Everything was going to depend on how the fittest man of Real Madrid and the League led by the whites got up today. Bellingham’s left ankle was very swollen and in pain. Tests have confirmed that he suffers from a “high-grade sprain.” The forecast is that he will miss the next four games. That is to say, he will not travel to Leipzig, I will not be in Vallecas either, he will miss the visit of Sevilla and His presence at Mestalla is unknown.

The most realistic goal that the medical services have set is March 6, when Real Madrid hosts Leipzig in the second leg of the Champions League. It is true that, despite the continuous losses suffered by the team led by Carlettosome assets like Vinicius have managed to shorten the deadlines. But the Madrid team cannot afford to lose the one who is its lighthouse today.

Bellingham, millimeters away from suffering a more serious injury

In his first year in Spain Jude Bellingham is breaking all records. He is the Real Madrid midfielder who has scored the most goals in the 21st century. And that’s with the season he has ahead of him. In his first 29 games as a Real Madrid player he has scored 20 goals, four in the Champions League and 16 in the League. His goal, cut short by this injury, is to surpass the 26 goals that Hierro scored as a midfielder in the 1991/1992 season.

This season, Bellingham already suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to miss a couple of games. Although he may be out for three weeks, the Englishman was saved by millimeters from suffering a more serious injury. If the ankle torsion were worse, the diagnosis would be similar. to the injury that Vinicius suffered in 2019 against Ajax or to the loss of Casemiro in 2018 after a tackle by Maxi Gómez in the match against Celta.

These types of injuries, in which players suffer pain without doing anything, They can reach seven weeks of absence. Luckily for Real Madrid, Bellingham’s ligaments have not been affected and the scope will be reduced to three weeks due to a very serious sprain. The Bernabéu shrank yesterday when it saw its star lying on the ground with signs of pain and Real Madrid fans are now breathing a little calmer.

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