Ranking and Scouting the Top 150 NFL Free Agents: An Insider’s Perspective

NFL free agency is fast approaching, offering the first window for teams to improve this offseason, provided they sign the right players.

These are my rankings and scouting reports of the top 150 free agents available, shaped by a ton of film work and perspective from many years leading NFL personnel departments. This might not be exactly how you see it, but that’s why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors.

A few notes:

• While these rankings factor in age (as of Sept. 5, the scheduled date of the 2024 season opener) and known injury history, they do not consider medical or character information, as teams know much more about those subjects behind closed doors.

• At each position, I’ve included some stats I find valuable. At some positions, I’ve estimated play speed from what I can see on tape (not timed 40-yard-dash speed — there is a difference). At times, I’ve used play speed as a differentiator.

• If I were with an NFL team, this would be only one part of a multilevel process to establish consensus within the building. That consensus is missing from any rankings you’ll see, here or elsewhere. You can read more about my criteria and how an NFL GM approaches free agency here.

With that, let’s dive in.

2024-02-19 11:02:01
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