Rafa Marquez Faces Backlash Over Betting Posts and Agrees to Stop Promotions

Rafa Marquez He will not make another post on the subject of betting in view of the commotion that has been created after the last one he made a few days ago. In addition, it was not the first time that she posted something like this on the networks since she has a contract with a Mexican betting house. However, This type of advertising is prohibited in Spainhence the strong criticism it has received.

After speaking with the club, the decision is that there will be no more posts. It must be taken into account that What the Barça reserve team coach did was not illegal since their publications came from a Mexican portal where betting advertising is allowed. The problem is that these posts could also be seen in Spain where it is prohibited.

Rafa Márquez, in his time as a Barcelona player. FRENCH FORWARD

Marquez will keep his contract with this bookmaker, but will only advertise in your country either in the form of advertisements or interviews. On the other hand, the coach has deleted everything he had on this topic on his social networks.

It so happens that Barcelona has an agreement with a betting house outside of Spain. However, did not conflict with that of the coach since in his contract with the club there was no prohibition in this regard and it did not conflict with the club’s betting house either.

2024-02-21 17:15:43
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